Good news! Star-Net was awarded the A-level supplier of Anhui Mobile

A few days ago, in order to promote win-win development with cooperative suppliers, Anhui Mobile successfully held the first supplier service day and excellent supplier award ceremony in 2022 through the interactive conference of "cloud Video + on-site". As the core strategic partner of China Mobile, Star-Net was invited to participate in and won the honor of "A-level evaluation of IMS access equipment product suppliers" issued by Anhui Mobile.





Winning this award is not only the recognition and praise of the comprehensive strength of Star-Net, but also the spur and expectation of the future high-quality development of STARNet Ruijie. As a firm partner of Anhui Mobile, Star-Net has also won the honor of "best government enterprise partner" awarded by Anhui Mobile. Over the past decades, Star-Net has maintained close cooperation with Anhui Mobile in many business fields, followed its development pace, and constantly provided overall solutions with leading technology, complete products and large-scale commercial use. With a high sense of responsibility, excellent professional ability, tenacious dedication and safe and reliable supply chain capability, Anhui Mobile will continue to provide high-quality business support and guarantee. The two sides will sincerely cooperate and grow together.



In the future, STARNet Ruijie will further strengthen cooperation with China Mobile, constantly improve the competitiveness of the supply chain, build a solid defense line of product quality, firmly go deep and solid in the cooperation between the two sides, and become a reliable partner of China Mobile.