Another honor! Star-Net won the 2021 CEIA China enterprise it Award

On January 17, the "2021 CEIA China enterprise it Award" jointly organized (CIO intelligence output and sharing platform) and China enterprise digital alliance was announced. Thanks to its long-term experience in serving government, enterprise and operator customers and its leading product competitiveness, Star-Net won the award of "best unified communication provider".



In the face of the new demands of the new era, Star-Net is actively seeking change and upgrading. With strong capabilities in key core technologies and production, research and supply, we provide unified communication products and solutions of "platform access terminal operation and maintenance application". Provide high-quality, safe, stable and reliable unified communication system for government and enterprise customers, help government and enterprises accelerate the digitization process, and stimulate potential capabilities.

Star-Net has been continuously investing in research and development in the field of audio and video, polishing products with the concept of making excellent products, and grasping the market demand from the perspective of user scenarios. It has formed a series of unified communication products and solutions to provide government and enterprise users with different scales and application scenarios with integrated data, voice, video and other communication applications. From the platform layer to the end layer, a comprehensive security strategy is adopted on the platform, core components and transmission to ensure the high security, reliability and availability of the communication system and effectively ensure the communication security of government and enterprise customers. At the same time, it provides rich standard interfaces and open APIs to support the integration and expansion of government and enterprise businesses and better meet the diversified needs of customers.


With 20 years of accumulation of core and key technologies in the field of audio, video and communications, star Ruijie unified communications has operated more than 10 million + lines (sets) of equipment online, and has been deeply implemented in the government, energy, power, finance, medical care, education and other industries, helping customers' business innovation and digital upgrading of the whole scene.



At the beginning of 2022, Star-Net has won three authoritative awards in the field of integrated communications, which encourages us to continue to create more highlight moments and create more value. In the future, Star-Net will continue to adhere to the development concept of "integrating innovative technology and building a smart future", adhere to the customer-oriented principle, increase R & D innovation, technological innovation, product innovation and market innovation, continue to upgrade its core competitiveness in the field of unified communications, and provide customers with more excellent products and solutions.