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2020|Welcome the Future of Digital Intelligence


● Launch a 5g integrated communication solution;

● Launch POL all-optical park network series products integrating 5g;

● Won the award of "2019-2020 Leading Enterprise of Integrated Communication in China's Communication Industry";


2019|Continue to Innovate and Cultivate the Communication Industry


● Launch the overall solution of the intelligent conference room based on AI;

● Deploy more than 100,000+ HD video venues;

● Won the "2018-2019 Leading Enterprise in China's Video Conference Industry" award in China's communication industry list;

● Won the "2019 China industry video conference overall scheme innovation enterprise" award of Peak Cup China Electronics brand value evaluation;



2018|The Right Time to Integrate the Upgrading of the Video Industry


● Deploy multiple provincial cloud PBX platforms of operators and start the operation;

● Won the "2017-2018 China Video Conference Outstanding Contribution Award" of the 2018 Pt Exhibition ICT Cloud Award;

● Won the "2017-2018 leading enterprise of China's integrated communications" at the ICT cloud award of Pt 2018;



2017|Integrating Dreams and Connecting the Future


● Release integrated gateway products of the intelligent gateway and Ott/ IPTV;

● Commercial deployment of 5 million + gateways;

● Won the honor of "2016-2017 China integrated communication application innovation enterprise";


2015|Never Stop Innovating


● Release a series of high-definition video conference terminals and become the core strategic partner of video conferences of domestic telecom operators;


2014|Accumulating and Awaking


● Release unified communication solutions;


2010|Steadily Promoted to Become the Largest Supplier of IMS


● IP converged communication system was shortlisted for the China Mobile IMS project and became the largest equipment supplier of cm-ims;


2009|Opportunities and Challenges


● Launch the overall solution of distributed IP converged communication;


2008|Communication Rose and Entered the Video Conference Market


● Release the first desktop terminal, and gradually form an integrated communication system integrating audio and video;

● Release the first video conference terminal based on the Android operating system in China;


2007|Achieving the First Domestic IP Voice Market Share


● Release the first OLT; 

● IP voice system has entered the NGN network of domestic operators and gradually realized scale application, becoming the company with the largest market share of IP voice in China;


2006|Focus on the Market and Innovating New Machines


● Accelerate the improvement of the NGN access equipment market product line, including 8000 Series of IPPBX, 6000 series of IAD voice gateway, 9000 series of enterprise-level soft switch server, 3000 series of network telephone, and IP communication value-added application system represented by a call center; 



2005|Step by step


● Communication product line wireless public telephone has rapidly occupied more than ten provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China, among which Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Yunnan, and other places have occupied more than 60% of the market share


2004|Continued to Lead the Way


● Release the IP PBX platform of 10000 gates soft-switch architecture, and the integrated voice communication enters a new stage

● Launch xpon gateway to continue to lead in the field of intelligent connection


2002, Lead the way for Fixed-line IP


● Launch network telephone and IAD, leading the tide of IP-based fixed telephone in China


2000|Established the Top Status in Communication Field 


● Release ADSL modem;

● Continue to occupy the first place in the broadband access market share;

● The first "online star" dial-up modem was launched, establishing the top modem machine provider status in China;