MWCS 2023|Link a Smart World|Star-Net at MWC Shanghai 2023


2023 MWC was held in Shanghai from June 28-30, with the wave of digitalization coming. As a leading ICT infrastructure and AI application solution provider in China, Star-Net was invited to participate in the conference, and with the theme of "Link a Smart World", it brought the latest achievements and innovative applications in the fields of F5G all-optical network, 5G+industrial interconnection, 5G+wireless distribution, 5G+industrial video communication, 5G+smart office collaboration, 5G+cloud communication, 5G+cloud 5G+ cloud communication, 5G+ cloud terminal, 5G+ edge computing and other areas of the latest achievements and innovative applications to contribute new momentum to the high-quality development of the communications industry.


Metro Optical Transport: High Reliability, Low Latency, High Quality


All-optical transport network solutions


With the in-depth development of 5G IoT and the acceleration of the digital transformation of government and enterprises, the demand for bandwidth from terminals is developing in the direction of multiple types of interfaces and rapid amplification of bandwidth demand. Keeping up with the market development and customer demands, Star-Net has launched OTN products such as the CMX600 series and CMT6000 series to help operators and government and enterprise customers realize the popularity of OTN products and meet the demand for internal and external communication transmission in the digital transformation scenario of government and enterprises.



Home networking: FTTR all-optical home era


Helping operators increase the value of broadband


The advent of the gigabit network era has brought many conveniences to traditional home life, and the development of new services such as 4K ultra-HD video, cloud gaming and VR has also put forward higher requirements for home network quality. Following the development trend of "gigabit in the home", Star-Net is building competitive all-optical network terminals to provide home users with a high-quality network foundation of high bandwidth, low latency, comprehensive coverage and smooth upgrade. Star-Net launches FTTR all-optical networking terminal, which is different from traditional home networking solutions, extending optical fiber into every room of the home and realizing "gigabit" network coverage in the whole house with Wi-Fi6 technology. At the same time, it helps operators build a high-speed, stable, good experience and easy-to-manage home network through the cloud-based management platform.


5G + industrial convergence communication: promote the traditional industry to improve quality,


Cost reduction, efficiency, green and safe development



With the release of the 5G all-connected factory construction guidelines, China's industrial Internet has become more popular, and the industrial communication field has ushered in new development opportunities. Combining its own advantages, Star-Net has innovatively proposed the "All-Optical All-Connectivity" architecture solution, which builds a high-quality industrial digital connection between the OT domain (i.e. equipment layer) at the bottom and the IT domain (i.e. software system layer) at the top.



The solution is divided into two layers: the lower layer is the "all-optical" communication layer, providing a highly reliable, low-latency network; the upper layer is the data "all-connected" layer, where the collection gateway collects, analyzes, and transmits the operation data of the equipment in real time, and converts it to the customer's ERP, MES and other systems through the "data connection base software platform". The upper layer is the data "full connection" layer, where the collection gateway collects, parses and transmits the operation data of the equipment in real time, and converts it to the ERP and MES systems of customers through the "data connection base software platform". The data is smoothly "passed" from the OT domain to the IT domain. Star-Net's "All-optical All-Connection" industrial interconnection solution closely combines "All-optical" communication technology and "All-Connection" data collection technology to create a network of data communication and data connection. It provides a new idea for OICT integration; it provides a converged network and "digital intelligence" upgrading solution for fully connected factories.



5G + Edge Arithmetic: Industrial Grade Arithmetic Gateway


Enabling edge-side AI empowerment


The current centralized cloud computing model is evolving into a cloud-edge-terminal collaborative arithmetic network system to cope with the pressure on the network brought by massive data transmission, the demand for real-time AI applications and the security and privacy of data. Star-Net proposes a 5G+edge arithmetic solution, and the CMF210 series industrial-grade edge arithmetic box provides various device interfaces, high-performance arithmetic and video processing capabilities, and diverse deep learning algorithms, and provides 5G and F5G dual channels upward.

5G + edge arithmetic solution for industrial fields based on industrial-grade edge arithmetic gateway combined with cameras and sensors to monitor abnormal events in industrial production scenes, customize the development of visual and acoustic detection algorithms to achieve abnormal event screening, and control industrial equipment through the industrial gateway to deal with abnormal events. For the general-purpose field using the powerful arithmetic and video processing capabilities of the Arithmetic Box, while accessing multiple video for AI analysis, integrating mainstream general AI algorithm capabilities to help campus security, road monitoring, community security, agricultural pest analysis and other industry applications.



5G+Cloud terminal: efficient, convenient, safe and reliable Deployment method provide the ultimate user experience


In the fields of education, healthcare, and government corporate offices, the impact and change of cloud computing is accelerating. With the improvement of server performance, network bandwidth and virtualization technology, many advantages such as centralized management of virtual desktops, data security and mobile office have come to the fore, and the demand for virtualized desktops has been rising. Relying on the operator's high-quality cloud network resources and advanced virtualization technology, Star-Net's cloud terminal products share desktop, application and hardware resources to users in the mode of on-demand service and flexible allocation, providing users with a reliable, secure, flexible and efficient office environment.



5G + wireless distribution: solving the problem of signal blindness


Easy-to-maintain, low-cost, rapid deployment solution


With the development of China's communication business, wireless communication has become an indispensable and important part of China's communication network because of its convenience and flexible deployment. Star-Net launches family-level small base stations, split small base stations, high-power outdoor stations and supporting gateway and network management solutions to provide operators with low-cost, low-power, environmentally friendly, rapid deployment, disassembly and flexible backhaul solutions.At the same time, the supporting network management solution solves the painful problems of "not knowing the equipment off the network", "not knowing the equipment location", "not knowing the equipment status", low operation and maintenance efficiency and poor user experience caused by insufficient monitoring of such non-main equipment edge sites, inconsistent data, scattered management and incomplete functions, and fully meets the needs of signal blind areas, signal replenishment in weak signal areas, temporary upgrading of signal capacity in the region, internal communication of water vessels and other scenarios.


In the future, Star-Net will work closely with operators, deepen all-round cooperation, jointly address market challenges and opportunities, and create a more prosperous industrial future in a mutually beneficial and win-win situation. At the same time, Star-Net will also continue to achieve self-breakthrough and transcendence in a pragmatic manner, and let the power of digital intelligence convergence play an infinite potential in all walks of life at the forefront of technological innovation and development.